Siglap Homestay – Fee Structure

We understand that an overseas education is a large financial commitment. As such, we are competitively priced for financially constrained students coming to us from abroad. We are home to many international students, including students from Thailand just like yourself.

We bear in mind that foreign students have to pay for school fees and tuition grants, which are much more expensive than the fees a local citizen has to pay. Foreign students also have to take other financial obligations into account, like lodging, day to day expenses like transportation and food (and Thai food isn’t the cheapest in Singapore!), as well as various academic costs like studying material, textbooks, stationary and even items like laptops, costs of which may not be included in school fees.

As such, we employ a no-frills approach to our fee structure. We charge our students with only the bare necessities and services in order to keep the price of homestaying with us as low as possible. We explain to you just what exactly you are paying for.

At Siglap Homestay, we are one big family. We value honesty and responsibility with one another very highly. As such, we do not include any small print or hidden costs to our fees. This is because we believe not just in respect and integrity towards all our students, but also in the importance of fostering a long-lasting and friendly relationship with you. Keeping our relationship healthy and fruitful is something we work towards at all times.

Despite Siglap being a relatively up-market residential area in Singapore, we are able to keep our prices low because of our practice of doing away with any dubious additional surcharges and employing a transparent agreement that is clear to both us and the prospective student. This allows us to only charge a flat one-time monthly fee of S $1,300 for our spacious triple/quad sharing rooms.

Triple/Quad sharing rooms

S$1300 per month

For more information about our services regarding homestay for foreign students or for general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our home stay representative Sharene. Sharene is a legally registered guardian herself and is more than qualified to answer all of your questions. She can be reached at or at the following numbers:

  • Residential No.: (+65) 6448 3405
  • Mobile No.: (+65) 9273 7237

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