Singapore Accommodation for students

At Siglap Homestay, our family welcomes any foreign students into our household. We treat our homestay guests like an extended international family, providing everything we can from amnesties to tuition and guardianship services.

We do all we can to make your stay with us a long-lasting, comfortable and fruitful one.

Our homestay services are available to potential students accomodation for a monthly fee of $1300.

The basic services that we provide to all our homestay students are as follow:

accommodation for students singapore

Student Accomodation

We provide a spacious air-conditioned room with an attached bathroom for privacy. Your room will be furnished with personal study tables, workstations and your own personal wardrobe. Feel free to decorate the place to make it more homely and a space you can ultimately call your own!

Twin Room - homestay for foreign students

Basic Services We Provide


  • Guardianship
  • Daily three meals
  • Daily laundry and ironing services
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Broadband Wireless Internet Access

singapore accommodation for students

Additional Services

Not only do we provide affordable accommodation for students as well as basic amenities like water, electricity and wireless broadband access, we also provide three basic home-cooked meals a day (that we hope tastes as good as the meals you get at home!) for your convenience. We are also more than happy to provide additional logistic and administrative services like:

    • Airport Transfer(one way)

We understand the importance of a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Airport transfer is available to all 1st time visitors to Singapore.

As our homestay is situated near Changi Airport,all returning students can take a 15 mins taxi / 20 mins MRT ride back home.

    • School Placement Services

Arriving in Singapore for study purposes is only your first step.

For an outstanding local education that will serve you well throughout your life, it is important to consider your choice of schools where you will be receiving your education.

For a prospective foreign student, this can be a daunting concept as you will have little to no knowledge of which are the better schools in Singapore. To this end, we can assist you in recommending schools as well as school placements that will ensure you receive the best education you can possibly have.

  • Arrangement Of School Placement Test(AEIS test)
  • Arrangement Of Personal Coaching and Tuition (for primary and secondary level subjects)

Airport Transfer

Recommendation Commission

Help to make us the best Singapore accommodation for students!

If you successfully recommend a friend to sign a year-long contract with us, you will be entitled to a month’s commission.

Terrace - accommodation in Singapore

So invite your friends over and foster a friendlier, more familiar environment while you chase your educational dreams! Having a friend from your home country living with you can give you emotional support and alleviate some of the stress that comes with living in a foreign country. From reminiscing about past experiences, to discussing your favourite Thai dishes or desserts, they can be a comforting presence that you know you can rely on.

We try our best to give you as comfortable and conducive an environment as possible, as well as allow you to be surrounded by the support of our other international foreign students in our household. However, we understand that having a friend from your homeland staying with you that you can absolutely relate with can make your stay so much more enjoyable.

For more information about our services regarding homestay for foreign students or for general enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our home stay representative Sharene. Sharene is a legally registered guardian herself and is more than qualified to answer all of your questions. She can be reached at or at the following numbers:

  • Residential no.:(+65) 6448 3405(+65) 6448 3405
  • Mobile No.:(+65) 9273 7237(+65) 9273 7237

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